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Our programs

Our programsOur method of teaching is based on two major factors:

  • Human ability to “digest” languages –

for that purpose, we create a natural language surrounding during the lesson by communicating to the students only in the language that they learn.

  • Deliberate acquisition of a foreign language by adults –

for that purpose, we provide our students with the unique chance to receive a clear explanation of difficult aspects in grammar, vocabulary and syntax in their own native language.

Method of teachingThe curriculum is based on the following language areas: Communication, Grammar, Writing, Reading and Pronunciation.

It focuses on language used in everyday situations.

We use Oxford University learning materials that include textbooks, workbooks, CDs and DVDs.

A variety of activities such as: role play in the dialogues, retelling of the stories and videos, training a listening ability, writing dictations and doing exercises, making and answering questions, different discussions and project works guarantee the improvement of language knowledge and vocabulary, growth of confidence and independence.

Small groups (up to 6 students) are formed according to language level and age of the students. The school also provides individual programs taking into consideration needs, goals, background and learning abilities of the students.

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