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Russian class

Publication of “DALY Communications Language textbook”

Based on our experience in teaching Russian-speaking immigrants we feel the necessity to establish DALY Communications learning materials. The textbooks will be based on peculiarity of our work, goals and needs of our students and will include elements of everyday conversations.

Russian language course

For those, interested in learning Russian as a foreign language, for children of Russian-speaking immigrants we offer classes of a modern spoken Russian language. During the course you will have a unique opportunity not only to master your language skills and improve vocabulary but to experience Russian traditions and culture.

Language Course (ESL and Russian) at Gunderson INC

Attention EmployersSince 2004 DALY Communications, LLC has provided Russian and ESL instructions to the employees at Gunderson, Inc. – a leading manufacturer of transportation equipment and services to the railroad and maritime industries.

The special language program “Gunderson English” has been designed for the course. This program includes terminology specific to the plant work environment. DALY Communications, LLC and Gunderson, Inc. have plans to cooperate in the future.

Language Course for Truck drivers

The school has designed a special English language course for truck drivers who are unable to attend the class on a regular basis. The course includes vocabulary specific for this profession.

Attention employers!

If you have non English-speaking workers in your company and you would like to help them learn English – DALY Communications, LLC is the right school for you!

DALY Communications, LLC is a private language school providing professional services in teaching English as a Second Language. We have been in business since April, 2002 in Portland, Oregon. We have designed special programs to help  immigrants to learn English fast and effectively. Our goal is to teach them to use English in everyday communication, as well as to acquire a certain vocabulary necessary for the job. The knowledge of English benefits both the company and its employees.

We look forward to working with you!

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