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About the company

DALY COMMUNICATIONS, LLC is a private language school rendering professional services in teaching Russian and English as a second language (ESL).

The school was founded in April, 2002 in Portland, Oregon.


  • to assist non English-speaking immigrants in learning English, to facilitate their easy integration into the American society;
  • to assist interested students in learning Russian language;
  • to make the process of learning interesting and successful with the help of our bilingual language specialists;
  • to give the students a chance to practice communication skills;
  • to keep class size small;
  • to provide individual attention from the instructor;
  • to respect the traditions and religious persuasions of our students;
  • to ensure a flexible schedule and friendly atmosphere;
  • to maintain a high level of professionalism of our staff.
Students` feedback
Nelly Popova
Nelly Popova
When I started taking classes in "DALY Communications, LLC", almost two years ago, I couldn't speak English because I was very shy and I thought that my pronunciation was so terrible. But approximately after one year of studying in "DALY Communications, LLC" I discovered
Marina Anikina
Marina Anikina
I am delightful to be a graduate of "DALY Communications, LLC". The school has completely changed my life for better. The knowledge of English language helps me to have any conversation with the American people, to understand and express myself. English opens the doors of
Ludmila Blashchishchena
Ludmila Blashchishchena
My name is Lyudmila Blashchishchena and I am one of the first students of Yelena Girich. I immigrated to the United States in 1998 with no English at all. When I just arrived, I started to attend IRCO and evening ESL classes. I studied all the new words, and tried to speak
Olesya Anikina
Olesya Anikina
Thanks to ESL classes which I was taking in "DALY Communications, LLC", I am able not only to understand people speaking English, but to fluently communicate with them as well. With the knowledge of English language I managed to get a good job, that provides a good living
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